National movement – what’s happening & how it can benefit you.

Over the past 2 months physical literacy national organizations and thought leaders across Canada have been collaborating to ultimately empower community leaders, champions, teachers, coaches, parents, and others to advocate, train, educate, promote, and integrate concepts of physical literacy into our society.

Brought together and re-enforced on the principle that a strategy should be connected back to the Physical Literacy Consensus Statement and adhere to principles of True Sport in the design/delivery of programs.

We are delighted to report that collectively we have agreed upon the following values:

1. Accountable
2. Impartial
3. Ethical
4. Service
5. Transparency
6. Communication

Our next steps are to establish:

  1. Development Guidelines
  2. Education and Training Gaps and Alignment
  3. Working Groups Created; Alliance, Communication, Education, Advocate

You too can get involved, simply reach out to us and we would love to discuss how we could get the ball rolling. In addition to the national physical literacy strategy, we have also been working in networking within each province to establish a roundtable for provincial alignment. Together, we truly believe we can promote and instil physical literacy and healthy habits for today’s generation and generations afterwards.

Parties Involved

• 60 Minute Kids Club
• Active For Life
• Athletics Canada,
• Canadian Association for the Advancement of Women in Sport and Physical Activity (CAAWS)
• Canadian Olympic Committee
• Canadian Paralympic Committee
• Coaching Association of Canada,
• Canadian, Parks and Recreation Association
• Gymnastics Canada
• ParticipACTION
• Motivate Canada
• Physical and Health Education Canada
• Sport for Life Society
• P/T Coaching Representatives